View first, ask feasibility questions later

Ah the lengths people will go to for a great location and even greater views. “Separation Creek House” by Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) Architects takes cliff building to knew heights. Built on a forty-five degree incline, the property presented unparalleled challenges. ‘Most of the one hectare site was too steep to build on. Only a few hundred square metres offered space for a building,’ says architect Graham Burrows, one of three directors of the practice. ‘We wanted to create a dynamic sculptural object. But we also wanted to take advantage of the views,’ says Burrows. Perched on a base footprint of barely seven by nine metres, this tranquil looking house seems to blossom out of the hillside like a squared mushroom.

Architect: Jackson Clements Burrows [ Via: Wallpaper ]

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