Shoulder Bag Ghetto Blaster by Dirk Winkel

Somewhere in the early 80’s, the ghetto blaster came up as a part of street culture, today it’s gone and people settle for cell phones, iPods and their miniature earplugs. All this can’t replace the experience of a real ghetto blaster. That was reason enough to re launch and redesign it as an extention for existing sound sources like the iPod. The uncommon shape has 2 reasons:

First, high-end sound quality. The ‘head’ of the blaster provides space for a large bass speaker, and the long narrow end of the horn-like (thus, audiophile) shape serves as a bass reflex tube. Second, the shape allows for perfect wearing comfort: as the blaster has a belt, there are two ways to carry the blaster around, on your shoulder or on your hip, like a shoulder bag.

Designer: Dirk Winkel

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